Why is Macau a Great Country for Canadian Gamblers?

This might come as a jolting shocker for those who laid their faith on the fact that Las Vegas was the sole paradise for gamblers. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you Macau, the official “gambling capital of the world.” A region enclosed in the territory of China, Macau is the biggest gambling den in the known world. What’s more interesting is the fact that the place has been a legal ground for gamblers since the 1850s. Further globalization in China motivated the region to settle itself as a home to casinos. As of today, Macau owns the largest share of gambling revenue in the globe.

Nevertheless, there might be some sceptical souls who would require some concrete reasoning to believe the claim of Macau being the sanctuary for Canadian gamblers that surpasses the likes of Las Vegas. After all, Macau is on the side of the globe and Vegas is never that far. But we have a pair of facts that might convince the Canadian crowd to satiate their appetite in the wide casinos of Macau.

immersive gambling experience

The Immersive Gambling Experience

Macau is a place seemingly dedicated for the purpose. It entertains thousands of tourists keen on expending their time and money at casinos. It is home to Venetian Macau, the largest casino in the world. The place runs on the gambling culture itself where the sport is not treated as a part-time amusement. Here, everything has a tone of seriousness, from laying the cards to placing the bet, nothing here is a casual affair. So, for hardcore Canadian gamblers, Macau is the only place that can serve them a tense yet exhilarating experience. 

There is a handsome variety of games that one can stay invested in Macau. Poker, slots, blackjack, craps, all are in the players’ reach. But the showstopper here is baccarat, which is considered to be the staple game of the region. A great deal of revenue is generated from this card play alone, making it the most desired game in Macau. Over time, the gamblers have started to take a sharp liking for other games as well, particularly slots and poker. As stated earlier, the atmosphere of Macau is intense and only suited for players who mean business. 

But not all in Macau is nerve-wracking and dipped in seriousness. Many casinos in the region offer complimentary drinks to the gamblers waging their way to victory. Coupled with this, there are other points of interest such as VIP rooms, dance clubs, and penthouses that fully-equipped to keep the Canadian crowds engaged and entertained.

global investment

Global Investment

We mentioned earlier the radicalizing effects of globalization on the gambling and casino industry in China. That was the time when the country was beginning to transition to an open economy. Today, these effects have been fully realized especially in the area of casinos. More than the Chinese firms, Macau is heavily influenced by the presence of foreign investment. Many new casinos and relevant industries have stationed themselves in Macau. This means this gambling hub has a global presence which is showcased by the heavy foreign investments made in the region. 

What’s more interesting is that many prominent names in the industry operating in Las Vegas have found their new love in Macau. So, now “what’s in Vegas does not stay in Vegas.” The Macau gambling sphere has been expanding at an unprecedented pace which is good news even for the Canadian crowd to enjoy the Chinese side of gambling. Many international ventures have snuck their way into Macau and have successfully gained relevant licenses to run their casinos. Nevertheless, Chinese firms have also shown great enthusiasm in giving their share to the ever-expanding dimension of casinos in the region. 

To add more to the fun, China has sanctioned to increase the total occupancy area of Macau. This means the number of casinos that can be stationed here will increase by a drastic figure. The total number of present casinos in Macau sits at 40. The plan of expansion involves connecting Macau to the islands of Taipa and Coloane which are prominent hubs for casinos as well. 

highest revenue figures

Highest Revenue Figures

Even with 40 casinos at hand, Macau dominates in terms of revenue. Even big sharks like Las Vegas can’t hold a candle to. Even more so, Macau is amongst the major contributors to the Chinese economy. Well, we know, this isn’t a subject matter class on Economics, but this indicates that players are more inclined towards betting their days at Macau than at Las Vegas or anywhere else that supports the casino culture. What does that mean for the Canadian gamblers? They have a new place to explore that might prove to be a far better place for their preferred sport than what they have in the west. 

The thing about Macau is that it doesn’t need to establish itself as a leading casino hub because it already stands on that pedestal. This goes without saying that it is still growing by size and influence as we speak and shows no signs of apparently stopping or ceasing. That’s a good thing if for hardcore fans of the gambling sport who desire more the land of Macau. We would say if you long for a good casino atmosphere where gambling roams as a culture then Macau is where you should be. It has everything that could allure the gambling lovers such as ace-class casinos, high-roller betting, and most importantly, a tense yet rewarding experience. If that isn’t enticing enough to catch the attention of the gambling folks, then we don’t know what is.  

So, Canadian or not, if gambling has ever mingled with your thoughts or you long for an immersive casino experience, then without a fraction of doubt, Macau is calling you. It is called the gambling capital of the world for a good reason and one which is aptly and thoroughly justified. With this, we bid you a good and rewarding experience at Macau.  

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