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Fire Joker

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Fire Joker is one of the most famous classic slot games and has a long history of providing fun for all people interested in classic slots.

  • Easy and streamlined design that suits even the newcomers
  • Highly rewarding features that make the game truly engaging
  • Modest size of minimum bet to get in the game
  • Impressive graphics that are a treat to the eyes
  • The bonus features are somewhat lacking
  • The concept of free spins is almost disregarded
  • There are no Jackpots in Fire Joker

Fire Joker is a modern slot machine by the popular Play’n Go. This game is designed for those who love playing action-packed slot games. The collection of games within it are not just entertaining and promises to offer a world-class experience. The looks of this slot game machine may force you to think that it is like any other classic machine. But don’t let its simple appearance fool you. This casino Joker machine is definitely one of the best and lets you play all kinds of fascinating and original games. A wheel of multipliers, renewed spin, and options to win free re-spins makes this all the more exciting.

What is Fire Joker?

Fire Joker is an online slot machine for players who share an enthusiasm for slots. It’s a highly convenient option for those who are avid fans of digital gambling.  It was developed by the popular developer Play’n go and was officially released in the year 2016.  It gained wide appreciation from players for its intense and adrenaline-inducing gameplay.

Even after four years, Fire Joker has still held its place as one of the go-to online slot games. It has received several updates, aimed towards improving its overall gameplay and design. This has certainly made Joker slot much more alluring to the players. It is easily available on its official website to players seeking to stretch their gambling skills. Alternatively, the game is hosted by almost every online casino, so that players can try it there as well.

Most Noticeable Features

Fire Joker is somewhat different, or say unique when it comes to special characteristics. It presents re-spin and multiplier features that are more than makeup for the game’s lack of free spins. The multiplier supports the aggressive style of the game and rewards players with massive wins. It is activated when a player manages to score the same symbol on all reels. Then, as the name suggests, players are given a delicious chance to multiply their winnings up to 10 times.

The re-spin feature is like a second chance given to the players. In case a player manages to get two same symbols on a reel, then Fire Joker Slot provides the player with another opportunity to grab a win by declaring a free spin. The best part? You earn a free spin on the third reel and the symbols on the other two reels remain constant. This spells a heightened chance of winning the games.

How To Use Fire Joker?

Fire Joker presents a rather simple and precise game design, making it easy for newcomers to try their hand at this slot game. The game is based on the 3-reels format and features 5 pay lines. The players can play Fire Joker with a modest bet of € 0.05. Nevertheless, for players who like playing on high stakes have the option to raise the bar to €100. Evidently, it is one of the player-friendly online slots in the market with an RTP standing at an impressive 96 %. 

The reel symbols of Fire Joker are the red seven, grapes, bar symbol, star, plums, cherries, coupled with other symbols. The wild symbol of the game is the Joker himself. Like in any slot game, the player needs to score the same symbol on all the three reels to bag a win. The wild symbol functions as the trump card of the players. If the player gets to the same symbols, but the third one appears a wild symbol, it will also be accounted for as a win.

Just as mentioned earlier, the game is certainly simple and easy to play. The players only to settle their bet size and bingo! You are in the game.

Compatibility and Graphics

This perhaps is the most impressive aspect of Fire Joker. It supports every known platform and runs seamlessly on all devices. The players can start to play Fire joker on their laptop or desktop, whichever they prefer. To serve more convenience to its player base, Fire Joker can be played from mobile devices. Fire Joker Slot is thoroughly optimized to support handheld devices. The game does not suffer from any lags and game-breaking bugs on mobile devices due to precise optimization. The players are sure to receive the optimum slot game experience even on a smaller device. Plus, the resolution size is also adjusted as per the device used by the player.

The graphics are, without a doubt, nothing less than awesome. Fire Joker presents the slot game in a retro or classic theme that gives off a nostalgic vibe. However, the models and textures of the game are truly ultra-modern. They have the crisp and sharpness to make the old-school, retro theme look something of this generation. The graphics overall display a good production value of the game. This slot game’s visuals are provocative to an extent and really exudes the idea of an aggressive and action-packed style of play, something gambling enthusiasts whole-heartedly cherish. 

Rewards and Bonuses

There may be no option for players to win free spins or jackpots, but powerful features like the wheel of multipliers and free re-spins make up for it. The wheel of multipliers helps players earn additional rewards making it all the more exciting. The multiplier wheel and respins remain the most part. Let’s find out how you can earn bonuses and rewards easily.

Wheel of Multiplier: You get to access the multiplier wheel once you get the same symbols on all the reels. This lets you spin the wheel for free and get a 10x multiplier on earned rewards.

Re-spins: A re-spin comes into action once you get stacked symbols on any two reels, and you almost missed a winning combination. If this is the case, you get rewarded with a free spin, and you add an extra shot at winning.

If you are looking for a medium variance game, then Fire Joker online is the best choice, with maximum payouts as high as 800 times.

Mobile Gaming

If you love playing casino while lying on your couch or bed, then Fire Joker is a perfect match for you. All the games within it are designed in modern HTML5. Players get to enjoy this on any of their smart mobile devices. It is also comparatively very easy to use the interface on both your tablets and mobile phones. No matter how small your screen size is, you will end up facing loads of fun.

Moreover, their team understands how their users hate downloading any extra software on their mobile devices due to storage and security issues. Therefore, all the games within this slot machine require no downloads or setup. You can simply go to any casino website with Fire Joker and start playing instantly.

The Final Verdict

Fire Joker is a desirable game for anyone who carries an interest in online slots. The game has been presented by the eminent Play n Go and undoubtedly shines as one of the best slot games in the market. You can play this one on the official website of Play’n Go or on almost any online casino. The game has been developed in a sincere manner as it shows almost zero lags and does not annoy players with pestering bugs. It shows compatibility with almost all devices that go from desktops and laptops to mobile devices where the latter serves as the biggest plus point.

The game is easy to play and seemingly doesn’t invite any complex mechanisms that might confuse players. Speaking of play, Fire Joker has a rather humble minimum bet requirement that allows players to get to their slot play with just € 0.05 per spin. So, even those who are new to the world of online slot machines can enjoy a good time. In terms of graphics, the game does not fail to impress. The game is in a retro, classic theme to give players a flavor of nostalgia. The visuals are crisp and creative and present the retro idea in a modern light. The quality of the visuals does not scale down in non-desktop devices, which shows a smart development.

The game presents exciting bonus features such as multiplier and re-spin. They are a nice addition to an already engaging slot play. With these features, the players can multiply their wins and even earn a second chance to score one. Nevertheless, Fire Joker is not without its set of flaws.

Unlike some of the online slot games in the market, Fire Joker does not present a whole range of bonus features. Furthermore, the slot game remains absent from any alluring benefits such as free spins and jackpots. Players who have been actively engaged in online slots might see this as something of a disappointment. But apart from these, they do not portray any major or glaring flaws. The ones present can mostly be ignored when looking at the impressive and immersive play offered to players.  So, our overall impression of Fire Joker slides is completely positive. We would highly recommend this one to players who wish to try online slots.     

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